The Last Sit Down

The Last Sit Down is a large panoramic digital painting of the most iconic film and television mafia characters of all time captured in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’.

I spent around 3 months digitally painting this piece with a graphic tablet and is one of my most proudest pieces of art.

Ive always been fascinated by Mafia movies and wanted to capture the very best all in one large piece for all Mafia fans to enjoy! From The Godfather to The Sopranos – and who can forget good old Jimmy Cagney?! Ive tried to include the best! If you look closely you will also spot the horses head from Godfather Part 1… just under the table between Edward G. Robinson and Marlon Brando.


Mafia Canvas Gangster Art Print

CHARACTERS SAT AT THE TABLE (from left to right)

Silvio Dante (Sopranos),
James Cagney (Various Hollywood Gangsters),
Ralph Cifaretto (Sopranos),
Vincent Mancini (Godfather III),
Big Pussy (Sopranos),
Uncle Junior (Sopranos),
Bobby Baccalieri (Sopranos),
Fredo Corelone (Godfather),
Christopher Moltisanti (Sopranos),
Paulie Walnuts (Sopranos),
Max Bercovicz (Once Upon a Time in America),
Joe Minaldiz (Once Upon a Time in America),
Al Capone (Untouchables),
Tony Soprano, (Sopranos),
Paulie Cicero (Goodfellas),

Michael Corleone (Godfather),

Sonny Corleone (Godfather),
Johnny Sacramoni (Sopranos),
Nicky Santoro (Casino),
Frank Pentangeli (Godfather II),
Clemenza (Godfather),
Virgil Sollozzo (Godfather),
Rico Bandello (Little Caesar),
Henry Hill (Goodfellas),
Don Fanucci (Godfather II),
Richie Aprile (Sopranos),
Tom Hagen (Godfather),
Vito Corleone (Godfather),
Luca Brasi (Godfather),
Philly Leotardo (Sopranos),